Wedding Banns and How They Work

For a marriage to comply with the UK Church and Civil law your Banns must be read out in church. They are basically an announcement giving notice of your marriage in the local parish where you have decided to have your wedding. This gives anyone who has a reason why you should not be married a chance to say so. The Banns must be read for three Sundays during the three months leading up to your wedding but they do not need to be consecutive. However they must be read out in each of the Parishes you both live and in and the Parish where you wish to be married.
Once the Banns been read out for the 3 times in your parishes you will be given a certificate which you usually have to pay for( around £35). You will then need to pass this to the Vicar of the parish you will be married in. You can attend all 6 of the Banns being read out in your local parishes but often couples only attend the last one when they collect their certificate ready for their ceremony.
So if you have fallen in love with the idea of a ‘Staycation’ wedding but still wish to be married in church we have the perfect solution. Set in 15 acres of ancient woods and parkland, Morland Hall is not only the perfect backdrop for a wedding of grandeur and opulence it also offers you the opportunity to have everyone under one roof and still get married in the beautiful village church of St Lawrences, Morland whose Saxon tower is one of the oldest in Cumbria.

St Lawrences Church

St Lawrences, Morland