Fantastic Savings on Autumn Weddings! Another Good Reason for an Autumn Wedding

    We are really pleased to announce that we are offering great deals on weekend and mid-week weddings on a few dates in Autumn 2018. Email us now to check availability and book now for big savings! Here are another 10 reasons to marry this Autumn:

  1. 1. The colours; Gold, red, chocolate brown, rich orange and yellow make a super colour fest for an Autumn wedding, even the trees will match your flowers!
  2. 2. More likely to get the venue you want. Studies show that the most popular month for weddings is June closely followed by May, August and September. So pick October and November and you may get your first choice venue and date.
  3. 3. Berrylishous cakes, what a wonderful opportunity to have your wedding cake decorated with berries and fruits, fresh off the bush.
  4. 4. Fireworks and bonfires, have a fun filled evening with a bonfire and fireworks, toasted marshmallows, sparklers and all!
  5. 5. Save money with seasonal drinks; instead of serving wine why not give your guests a true autumn treat and offer them cider, you can find all kinds of types and flavours.
  6. 6. Food choices; a perfect reason to have bangers mash and lots of other comfort food.
  7. 7. Unique table decorations; why not use pumpkins for table decorations; they can easily be turned into beautiful table lamps. Of course these will be cheaper after Halloween than before!
  8. 8. Elegant accessories; as you will need to keep a bit warmer why not take the opportunity to wear something beautifully different and rather special like a fur stole.
  9. 9. The perfect backdrop; superbly colourful photographs amid the backdrop of stunning autumn leaves. The trees should not be bare yet, but will dropping the most beautiful confetti just for you!
  10. 10. Exotic Honeymoon; Of course as the weather is colder here you will need to travel futher for the sun, the perfect excuse to jet off to far flung places such as South Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, Africa and of course Australia, Indonesia and the southern hemisphere countries.


Golden leaves falling like confetti as you head up the winding drive way to your Country home from home. Morland Hall set in its 15 acres of ancient woodland truly is the perfect place for the Autumn wedding of your dreams. For more ideas and inspiration check out our Autumn Weddings board on Pintrest

Autumn Wedding - by Fusion Photo